Cafecito Coffee Liqueur

cafecito coffee liqueur


Cafecito is a coffee liqueur with emphasis on the coffee. Working closely with local roaster Cuvee Coffee to find the perfect blend, we ultimately chose “Mezzanotte”, which Cuvee describes as having a “big body with a kiss of roastiness” and a finish of dried fruit and molasses. The beans are roasted less than 20 miles from our distillery, delivered and then ground on by us and immediately steeped for a strong and concentrated cold brew. The coffee is then blended with a filtered neutral corn spirit and Demerera sugar for a rich, full sweetness. We then infuse the liqueur with whole Madagascar vanilla beans for an added layer of complexity. In order to capture the flavors of the beans at the height of their freshness, the each batch is made and bottled within a week of the beans being roasted.

We named our liqueur Cafecito after the traditional Cuban coffee drink, sometimes simply referred to as “Cafe Cubano.” A cafecito is a shot of espresso pulled directly over Demerera sugar, which makes a very strong, sweet cup of coffee. Similarly, our liqueur is bold and coffee-forward, influenced by its namesake.

Cafecito is great on its own, sipped after a meal as a strong dessert drink. It also lends itself well to classic cocktails like a White or Black Russian and generally mixes well with most brown spirits.

Cafecito is made with only natural ingredients: coffee, Demerera sugar, and Madagascar vanilla beans blended with 100% corn-based neutral spirit. Nothing more, nothing less.