austin reserve gin

When you launch a revolution, you should come out swinging. With our gin, we’re doing just that, bringing a bold, innovative spirit to market that should unite gin aficionados, gin geeks, first time gin drinkers and even those folks that swore off the stuff years ago.

That’s to say, we believe in the gin flip. What’s that, you ask?

A gin flip is taking what people think about gin (or even when they’re not thinking about gin) and flipping minds, changing hearts, and expanding palates. And, we doing just that with our austin reserve gin.

austin reserve gin is a contemporary-styled gin produced with a 100% neutral base of Missouri corn and macerated with juniper and five additional botanicals carefully selected to create a smooth yet powerful gin.

Bottled at approximately 100 proof, austin reserve is strong enough to shine in the most complex of cocktails yet perfectly smooth in a classic martini or paired with your favorite tonic.

By law – though we hardly want to be constrained by such measures – the dominant flavor of any gin is juniper. From there, we’re anything but law abiding or rule following.

Austin reserve gin is exceedingly complex, but decidedly straightforward. No secret recipes here, we let the botanicals do the talking for us. austin reserve gin is what you experience when you combine Juniper, Rosemary, Lavender, Lemongrass, Grapefruit Peel and Pink Peppercorn for your botanicals. It’s produced in small batches by macerating the aromatics in neutral spirit and then redistilling that spirit into the final product, proofed to approximately 50% alcohol (100 proof). Then, voila and viva la revolucíon, we bottle and share it with you.

When it comes together, austin reserve gin brings out soft floral notes balanced by robust herbaceousness and spice. It’s firm but smooth with an aftertaste of fresh citrus. Refreshing? Yes. Refined? Yes. Revolutionary? Hell, yes.

We must be doing something right since our austin reserve gin was awarded a bronze medal by the American Distilling Institute, during its 8th Annual Judging of Craft American Spirits.

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