About the Revolution

If civilization begins with distillation—as Faulkner suggests—then we’re quite certain that a revolution should begin with gin. Ours does.

We’re introducing civilization to a new revolution in adult beverages and changing the way people think about spirits and distilling.

The revolution begins with our award-winning, contemporary-styled, 100 proof austin reserve gin. Join our revolution.

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our declaration

Long ago, Temperance Societies defined LIQUOR as “Lawless, Iniquitous, Quarrelsome, Unclean, Oppressive, and Ruinous.” That’s all well and good. We’re not going to argue with their take on liquor. Anyone that’s indulged in the stuff can attest to one or more of those qualities at some point.

But, at Revolution Spirits, we aim to change that characterization to something even more revolutionary.

  • We believe distilling is equal parts art and science.
  • We believe that not all spirits are created equal.
  • We believe that good things come in small batches, crafted carefully by people passionate about distilling.
  • We believe you are what you drink, and, just like you, it ought to be damn good, every time.

We’re fiercely independent and emboldened by the challenge to make spirits that spur a revolution in distilling, in bars and in homes, all across Texas, America and the world over. After all, borders cannot bind the greatest revolutions.

Our revolution is going to be televised. And telegraphed. And tasted. And—it will be glorious.

our team
just who the hell do we think we are?

creative revolutionaries — not afraid of breaking some rules

Aaron DayPresident

Aaron Day


Elusive and mysterious, Aaron Day would most certainly give the World’s Most Interesting Man a run for his money. He knows the halls of the Capitol, just like Revolution’s chief bottle washer. That means he’s got a knack for navigating tough situations, dealing with “spirited” debate and winning battles, though more through legislation than insurrection. We’re quite certain that once we track him down and interrogate him we’ll have plenty of stories to share. For now, just know this, behind every great revolution, there’s a time, a place and, in our case, a Day. In addition to his duties around the distillery, Aaron is proud to serve on the executive committee of the Texas Distilled Spirits Association.

Brian “Chops” MeolaDistiller

Brian “Chops” Meola


We told you Forrest knows everyone, even Brian Meola, who hails from New Jersey, not Austin. We won’t hold his non-Texas roots against him. Brian really did get here as fast as he could after college at Florida Atlantic University. He’s a food and beverage guru, too, with a resume that also includes a long stint at one of our favorite Austin, Texas-based grocery chains. Brian calls the austin reserve gin “Revolution’s baby,” and maybe that’s why he’s gone all in with Revolution Spirits, committing himself full time to the art and science of small-batch distilling, wanting to raise it – our products – right. Everything he does is dictated by flavor and taste, and he’s not afraid to experiment. That’s a bit more rare and revolutionary then you might realize.

John HenryDistiller

John Henry


Go west, young man! Nah, not John Henry. Instead, John traveled the rails of Amtrak from San Francisco five years ago, setting his sights on a new beginning. When he landed in Austin, the heat didn’t immediately kill him, and the conversations flowed easily with people here. So, he stayed and put his background in bars, the music industry and his love of home brewing to work. John calls himself the classic horror movie mad scientist when it comes to his distilling style, ever tasting, always experimenting and continually pushing bounds. We’re very much glad John’s our modern Prometheus.

Forrest AllenScience

Forrest Allen


Forrest was born and raised in Austin, Texas. How many people can say that these days? His culinary degree combined with genetics – by way of his cooking, competitive and inspiring grandmother – made Forrest what he is today. So, after a brief stint as a repo man, Forrest shifted gears and became a cheese and beer monger and corporate manager for one of America’s best-known, natural grocery chains. With distant family hailing from the Ozarks, Forrest remains quite confident that his family tree includes some strong distilling roots, too. He’s also our in-house Kevin Bacon, as our founding distilling team all came together under the Allen home brew roof. And, we’re willing to bet, you’re only one to six degrees removed from him, too.

At Revolution Spirits, Forrest has turned a passion for brewing and distilling into a full-time jobby (That’s a hobby and a job. What did you think we meant?).

Mark ShillingDishwasher

Mark Shilling


Spend enough time around the halls of the Capitol, and you might be driven to drink or, in Mark’s case, driven to distill. When he’s not busy washing dishes or applying his Zen-like organizational detail to pallets of bottles and cases of booze, he’s enjoying the chance to combine his passion for craft spirits with his capacity to navigate the complex regulatory, legislative and licensing concerns facing the wine and spirits industry.

Mark, as industry ambassador, currently serves as president of The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas; sits on the Government Affairs Committee of the American Craft Spirits Association; and is frequent speaker for the American Distilling Institute, working with distillers around the country on legislative and regulatory issues. He was also in integral leader in the formation of the Texas Distilled Spirits Association.