About the Revolution

If civilization begins with distillation—as Faulkner suggests—then we’re quite certain that a revolution should begin with gin. Ours does.

We’re introducing civilization to a new revolution in adult beverages and changing the way people think about spirits and distilling.

The revolution begins with our award-winning, contemporary-styled, 100 proof austin reserve gin. Join our revolution.


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our declaration

Long ago, Temperance Societies defined LIQUOR as “Lawless, Iniquitous, Quarrelsome, Unclean, Oppressive, and Ruinous.” That’s all well and good. We’re not going to argue with their take on liquor. Anyone that’s indulged in the stuff can attest to one or more of those qualities at some point.

But, at Revolution Spirits, we aim to change that characterization to something even more revolutionary.

  • We believe distilling is equal parts art and science.
  • We believe that not all spirits are created equal.
  • We believe that good things come in small batches, crafted carefully by people passionate about distilling.
  • We believe you are what you drink, and, just like you, it ought to be damn good, every time.

We’re fiercely independent and emboldened by the challenge to make spirits that spur a revolution in distilling, in bars and in homes, all across Texas, America and the world over. After all, borders cannot bind the greatest revolutions.

Our revolution is going to be televised. And telegraphed. And tasted. And—it will be glorious.

Featured Gin Cocktails

These are some of our favorite gin cocktails—created by some of our favorite people.

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Contact Us

no secret meetings or handshakes; this is a revolution for everyone


12345 Pauls Valley Road
Building G
Austin, TX, 78737

Complimentary tastings and tours.
Our hours are variable, so please call ahead – 512.358.1203